Advance Java MCQ For Final Exam!

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AJP questions
AJP questions


The dictionary meaning of advance is a forward movement or a development or improvement and the meaning of improve means thing that makes something better. All in all, we have to improve our basic knowledge to master in that particular field.

Java is divided into two parts i.e. Core Java (J2SE) and Advanced Java (JEE). The core Java part covers the fundamentals (data types, functions, operators, loops, thread, exception handling, etc.) of the Java programming language. It is used to develop general purpose applications. Whereas Advanced Java covers the standard concepts such as database connectivity, networking, Servlet, web-services, etc. In this section, we will discuss what is advance Java, its benefit, uses, topics of advance Java, and the difference between core Java and advance Java.

Format of Mcq Paper

Total Paper for 70 Marks you have to attend 70 questiosn for each question there will be 1 mark.


Click here and Download- pdf No 1

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This are the All previous Year MCQ’s by studying this you can easily get good marks.

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