Msbte K Scheme | Is MSBTE K scheme is applied??

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Msbte K scheme

As we know we are studying in I scheme syallbus but now msbte announced msbte k scheme and because of that many students are thinking our syallbus will be change and also paper pattern will be change so don’t worry all your question’s answer here just read carefully!!

Is Msbte K scheme announced?

many students are confused like k scheme is announced or not but in real the answer is yes because guys also k scheme syallbus is launched for EN&TC branch and main thing they marks 2023-2024 in syallbus copy so that’s why many experts or students said the k scheme will be applied for this year but the main thing strongly anyone cannot say it’s applied or not it just announced and launched we cannot say when it will applied it will applied this year or next year.

In K scheme subjects are different??

Mainly guys when scheme are change then only syllabus change not subjects but in detail we can say may be atleast one subject will be remove and new one will be add if you know about G scheme and I scheme so may be you relaized their is no many changes just some syallbus topics are missing so as per previous experience only some syallbus topic will change not whole subject.

MSBTE I scheme 70 marks paper then what’s about K scheme??

Guys if you remember the marking scheme of G scheme then you wil undertand this concept.Actually G scheme papers are 100 marks for wrriten and after 5 years when G scheme changed into I scheme then marks had reduced they totally reduce 30 marks for wrriten exam means total paper marking scheme is 70 for this decision many students are happy now many students thinking if K scheme is applied then marks will reduced or not so guys as per syallbus copy of k scheme there is no change in marking scheme paper will have only 70 marks there is no change.

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Is k Scheme applied for each semester students??

The main doubt of all students are they are thinking if scheme will change then it also change for 2nd year and 3rd year students so guys answer is No.Beacuse when any new scheme is launched then it only applied on fresh batch means for first semester students so don’t worry those students who are in I scheme for their only I scheme.

Is OTO available in K scheme

there is no any expertness on this topic some pepoles are say now no OTO avialble in k Scheme someone are say OTO avialble about this there is no fixed answer but as per previous schemes the OTO will be/may be avialble for students.

Important thing about K scheme

Guys K scheme is only announced not applied.Actually msbte thinking about this it will be applied from this year or from next year so don’t rememeber it’s only annouced if it is applied then we will tell you with it’s syallbus copy!!!

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