Msbte New Update : Carry On , K Scheme All Details With Proof

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MSBTE New Update With Proof

As per Msbte Result many students are failed in MSBTE exams and may be some students loose their hope for continuing next Journey so don’t worry students all your questions answer are here. In this situation the new students will be admitted in msbte campus for first year and also they are confusing about K scheme syallbus so here we will be clear all doubts of you.

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Carry On for Pharmacy Stduents

MSBTE carry on for pharmacy

This is official letter of msbte for pharmacy education they directly marked carry on/forward for msbte pharmacy 1st year students. Actually we all know the duration of single semester of pharmacy is 180 days but last semester of pharmacy covered only within 100 days so that’s why students are fail to do better study for exams and only atleast 50% students are pass in exams and remaining 50% are failed so it is very shocking thing about pharmacy education and many colleges principals requests ajit pawar to think about this matter.

So it is final news carry on/forward for 1st year pharmacy students who are failed in exams or backlog students and many guys are confused can msbte diploma students will get carry on or not.

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MSBTE Carry On For Diploma Engineering Students

Actually When Pharmacy Students get carry on/forward then also diploma students waiting for carry on.Many Colleges are autonomus and they have given admission to students in 2nd year even they fail in first year so that’s msbte students are hpoing the also get carry on like autonomus students and pharamcy students. But it is biggest question can msbte will give this opportunity?

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In Below image you can see MLA Pharande requesting to Mr.chandrakant patil(higher technical education minister maharashtra) for carry on opportunity for msbte diploma first year students so they also can take advantage like pharmacy students. MLA Pharande is said i hope may be to save the 1 year of students the carry on will be come for students.

MSBTE Carry on for engineering students news

And not only pharande mam but also now many colleges principals are requesting to msbte to give carry on because students get lowest time in thier academic semester,so don’t worry students all colleges are requesting for you and also pharmacy,autonomus students get carry on that’s why there is biggest chances about carry on for msbte students.

Low Result of Both Pharmacy and Diploma

As per result we can say now this year both results are down means many students percenatge range 60 to 70 and 20% students having 80%+ and some students having ATKT/Failed so this is big reason why msbte students also get carry on/forward.

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MSBTE K Scheme Applied From This Year? See all details

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Points Discuss in Diploma Syallbus change Meeting

As per our official contacts with msbte staff one meeting happend realted totally k scheme. Below there are some important points discussed in meeting

5 years completed for I scheme

As per msbte I scheme comes in 2018 and now the year is 2023 so 5 years completed for I scheme and it is strong reason to change the scheme but many books store are opposite to this they said 2020 to 2022 period is cowid period and what’s about books of I scheme that we have more stock.

K scheme apply or not ?

In meeting many experts are presents which is connected with blogshub so as per our contacts with msbte official staff there is 99.999999% chances of K scheme will be applied from this year.We are not saying it applied but in real it very big chances of k scheme applying because also other some educational institutes changes their syllabus and 5 years completed for i scheme so in meeting many experts are said if one day we are going for change scheme then why not this starts from 2023 so that’s why it is 99.999% chances of k Scheme will be applied.

Pattern of k scheme ?

Our G scheme pattern had 100 marks theroy written paper and I scheme paper has 70 marks written paper and 30 marks for internal.So in meeting about this thing many discussion happend some experts are said i think we have to change pattern of k scheme syallbus like theroy paper is 75 marks and internal marks will be for 25 marks but 80% experts are not satisfied about this thought so main thing is pattern will be same means 70 marks theroy paper and 30 marks for internal.

Is M3 will comeback in diploma?

Actually when there is G scheme then diploma students had m3 subject but it is very tough subject so to reduce pressure of students msbte decided m3 will remove from msbte syllabus and they does this in I scheme they mixed m2 and m3 and said m3 will not participate in I scheme syllabus and from 2018 m3 avaliable for degree students.

But what’s about K scheme is m3 is coming back about this in many long conservation happend but at last they said no m3 is very tough subject so there 0.01% chances of m3 will be readded in k scheme syallbus.

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Extra subject in k Scheme for physical fitness of students

As we know there is many development happend in diploma like online papers mcq based subjects which is exam will performed in online mode and many more activities that are totally online so it is very bad thing for student health or fitness so msbte saff are maked conservation about this topic they are going for add some subjects like physical development for the students health and fitness.

Aptitude and Reasoning for last year students

In meeting it also becomes more important topic they are discussed about this that student development is very important for cracking interviews. Actually when maximum campus are coming in diploma clgs then they dosen’t find what the they want in students so msbte going for make this development in students through some Pradhan Mantri Yojna so students becomes more practically and cracking interviews easily.

Proofs For MSBTE K Scheme & Syllabus Change

Some call recordings msbte book seller about upcoming k scheme in msbte

Call Recording 1

Source Youtube @Vineet_Sir

Call Recording 2

Source Youtube @Vineet_Sir

For more detailed information visit MSBTE K Scheme | Diploma Carry On For First Year | Diploma Syllabus Change


In conclusion, Guys we are connected with some college principals and they also join msbte official meeting and they directly saying us that is scheme will be 100% go for changing k scheme will be applied. and also books printing of k scheme are started. So it’s totally becomes confirm that K scheme will be applied and syllabus will be change in future.

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