Msbte Reassessment Result Date?Autonomous students having good marks as compare to msbte students??

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Msbte Reassesment Result Date

As we know photocopy/Rechecking result declared on 18 july and 95% students have No Change in their answer sheet zerox and that’s why most of the students are not satisfied from msbte and now everyone is looking for msbte reassessment result date?

After Reassessment marks increase or decrease??

As we know many students face this lowest marks problem and 99% students said msbte cut thier marks without any reason like suppose the question is “write a program using do while loop” and this question for 4 marks answer for this question some students write two programs for this question they only get 1/2 marks out of 4.

Photocopy Do While Loop Program

And most of the students faced this issue that is where question for 4 marks they will get only 2 marks or 3 marks and same about last two 6 marks question.Out of 6 marks maximum students get only 4 or 5 marks.

Now what’s about re-assesment result marks increase or decrease?? So don’t worry guys msbte now overcome from this all mistakes they say students future is most important for us even they say from our side marks are very low as compared to autonomous colleges so that’s why we will try to improve students marks far better!!!

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Is Autonomous students get Good marks as compared to Msbte Students??

Now everyone thinking about this matter is really Autonomous students have good marks as compared to msbte students???

So answer is Yes.Beacuse guys we can see the Result of Autonomous students in every subject they have almost 60+marks out of 70 marks and other side msbte students have only marks in 50 to 55 range out of 70. And this is very shameless thing both sides students did hard work for papers and one student get highest marks and one students get lowest marks even he/she is deserving.

Because of this now many experts saying the top engnieering clgs for Autonomous students because they have great marks than msbte students!!But guys now everything is okay after re-assesment everyone have good marks and healthy compitation for Degree clgs cutoff and also 1st year or 2nd year diploma students will get good marks

Msbte Reassessment result date?

As per Msbte reassessment result will be declared on 3-08-2023/3 August 2023.

Msbte re-assesment result date?

How to Check Msbte Reassessment result?

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