Top 6 Capstone Projects Computer Engineering | Final Year Computer Projects

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Top 6 Capstone Projects

Welcome to all of you on Blogshub ! here you will get top 10 capstone projects.Capstone projects specially for final year students it is most important projects for diploma final year students But it is very time consuming work because of this mostly students can’t focus on study.Here, we present the top 6 capstone projects in computer engineering that could be ideal choices for your final year of study.

Personal AI Desktop Assistant

Top 10 Capstone Projects


1.Youtube search search
3.Net speed test whatsapp word notepad spotify
8.take a screenshot any particular folder file manager any song on youtube by directly passing only one command.

Project Demo



1.AI Chatting

2.Chat History

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3.Rate limiting and session storage

4.Login With Google

5.Fully Accessibility

6.Streaming UI

Project Demo

Student Record System


1.Admin Login

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2.Enter new student

3.Update student details

4.Delete any student

5.Oracle database used

Project Demo

Exam Management System





4.database used

Project demo

Medical Store System


  • Login
  • Employee And Admin Accounts
  • Warehouse Quantity Management
  • Medicine Purchase Management
  • Invoice Generation & Printing
  • Supplier and Company Details
  • Medicine Expiry Handling
  • Medicine Out of Stock Alert
  • Category Wise Medicine Classification

Project Demo

Medical Store System Demo

Interior AI | Room Designer AI Project

Your Photos + AI = Awesome Room Designs In Few Seconds


  • Interior AI is free to use and unique project.
  • This AI generates variations of rooms based on uploaded photos.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Save time and money by allowing you to visualize your design before implementing it.
  • Innovative tool that uses AI-generated imagery to provide visual ideas and possibilities for room remodelling.

Project Demo

Interior AI Room Designer Project Demo

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